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The Sawmill Restaurant - Seaside Park Boardwalk

This was the appraisal of the famous Sawmill restaurant and bar on the Seaside Boardwark, following renovations to open after Superstorm Sandy. Improvements consist of a 23,557 square foot restaurant/bar and retail building currently known as The Sawmill and Funtown Arcade, situated on a 0.15 ± acre site on the Boardwalk. The restaurant/bar consists of 10,501 square feet, with a 2nd floor space of 8,128 currently being renovated for use as a banquet hall. Additionally, much of the former arcade space, containing 4,743 SF, will be subdivided into three separate retail spaces. The restaurant renovations are largely complete and the restaurant was re-opened approximately 30 days ago. The 2nd floor is currently in the process of being renovated and will include an additional bar, a kitchen and seating for an additional 300 people, for a total of three bars, two kitchens and seating for 600 people for the building.

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