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Sky Manor Airport & Restaurant

73.02± acre airport complex known as SkyManor Airport. The site consists of a runway, airplane hangers, a restaurant, offices, and apartments. The land area is comprised of two adjacent tax parcels, Lots 38.02 & 40 in Block 21. There is a restrictive easement on 13.0± acres of Lot 38.02 and 19.7± acres of Lot 40. The subject consists of over 100,000 square feet of improvements that support it’s current use as a general aviation airport. Hangar’s C, D & E: These are three identical steel frame buildings containing 22,880± sq. ft. each (68,640 sq. ft. total). They were constructed in 1989. Each building contains 20 hangers for a total of 60. Each building contains two corner units (six total) that are utilized as a shop space or as storage by the tenant of the adjacent hanger. Each hanger unit has individually metered electricity and a fiberglass “skylight” in the roof. Some tenants have installed heating units and mezzanines that are used for storage or office space. Each unit has an electrically operated bi-fold overhead door. There is a one- and two-story masonry and frame building that contains a total of 4,219± sq. ft. It was constructed in 1975 and contains a restaurant and office on the ground level and three apartment units on the second floor. There is one efficiency apartment, one 1-bedroom apartment and one 2-bedroom apartment. Each apartment unit has a full bathroom. Hangar A & B are two hanger buildings containing 6,868 sq. ft. and 6,222 sq. ft., respectively. There were reported to have been constructed in the early 1980's. The construction is galvanized aluminum exterior over a wood frame. The floor is poured concrete and the buildings average 14' in height. There is a total of thirteen hanger units between the buildings. There is also a retail unit located in the corner of Hanger B. The metal maintenance hangar is a steel frame building that was constructed in 1985 and contains 4,500± sq. ft. This building is occupied by a single tenant and serves as the main maintenance and repair facility for the airport. The building has a steel frame with insulated metal exterior walls on three sides with an insulated nylon overhead door on the fourth side. There is a metal gable roof and poured concrete floor. The space is heated by a propane fired hot air furnace. The improvement appeared to be in good condition at the time of inspection. Another masonry hangar building contains 3,404± sq. ft. and was constructed in the mid-1960's. The space is divided between a hanger and an office area. The office area is leased to Alexandria Balloon Flights. Exterior construction is of masonry block walls over a poured concrete floor. There is an asphalt shingle roof over the office section and a semi-circular roof over the hanger section. The interior of the office contains a reception area, private office, and a lavatory with a shower stall. Finishes include carpet floors, drywall walls and ceilings, and florescent lighting. The office section is heated and air conditioned. A T-Hangar Bujlding with one-story masonry building that contains 2,752± sq. ft. and was constructed in 1964. Exterior construction consists of Masonry block walls over a poured concrete floor and a gable roof supported by a wooden frame. There were two “T-Hanger” units and four efficiency apartments. Each apartment contains approximately 180 sq. ft. Hangar/Apartment - This is a new steel framed airplane hanger/apartment building that was constructed within the past few years. The improvement contains 3,500± sq. ft. of which 1,000± sq. ft. is an apartment. The remaining 2,500± sq. ft. contains two hangers. A two-story, wood and masonry carriage house structure that contains 528± square feet. The lower level is utilized for storage, and there is a two bedroomapartment on the second floor. Exterior finishes consist of block and wood sided walls, an asphalt shingle gable roof, and a poured concrete foundation. A new one-story wood frame barn constructed in 1996 and containing 1,296 sq. ft. The building is utilized as a workshop and storage area. Construction is wood frame with wood clapboard walls and an asphalt shingle gable roof. The space is not heated.  

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