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JR's Ocean Bar & Grill - Seaside Boardwalk

This is a popular Seaside Boardwalk bar and restaurant. The subject improvements consist of a restaurant on the boardwalk known as JRs Bar and Grill that had originally been built in 1940. The first floor is the restaurant, which has entrances both on Ocean Terrace and on the boardwalk. The two bedroom apartment that had originally been on the second floor was converted to office space used by the restaurant management. JRs Bar and Grill has a liquor license, offering two bars and a dining room. With a gross square footage of 6,067 square feet, it has potential for additional useable space. Years ago the basement had been used as a liquor store, but is currently used for storage. Although it is located below the restaurant, it is street level on the Ocean Terrace side and has potential to be renovated once again into a finished area.

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